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Why DefeaseIt
Defeasance transactions are complex and thus most borrowers want to engage a consultant to manage the process on their behalf. At DefeaseIt we distinguish ourselves with our level of personalized service and commitment to each individual transaction. As an independent defeasance consultant with strong relationships with the numerous parties involved our abilities allow us to provide you the economic savings that you should demand from this process. By engaging DefeaseIt, you will make the defeasance process simple. We handle all aspects of the defeasance from start to finish and make this process simple. You can expect a company knowledgeable and experienced in the defeasanace process, thus allowing you and your counsel to focus on the property transaction.

DefeaseIt is committed to personalized customer service for each client and on each transaction. We operated completely independently and unencumbered from involving ourselves in other real estate related businesses. We manage each transaction from start to finish and take a proactive approach from the outset. Our experience lends to anticipating issues that may arise in your defeasance and allows us to deal with them before they could create any delay in your closing. Sometimes service in a defeasance transaction places a premium being quick. At DefeaseIt, we understand this and work hard to rapidly respond to any needs or questions. Additionally, we have the ability to offer quick to close services in the event your transaction requires.

At DefeaseIt, we manage both the economics and logistics of the defeasance process on behalf of each client and thus simplify the defeasance for you. From start to finish we coordinate every aspects of the defeasance transaction. This includes determining and coordinating securities portfolio. We also structure and maintain the successor borrower. We are responsible for all third-party opinion reports and we organize and keep the defeasance transaction moving forward and thus allow for a timely closing. Our commitment to our responsibilities means you can rest assured your defeasance is in good hands and your focus can remain on the transaction itself.

DefeaseIt is committed to the each client's individual objectives and economic best interests. The costs of a defeasance transaction include both the securities used to defease the loan and transaction fees paid to third parties. We work directly with the market makers to secure your securities and use proprietary software to determine which securities are most efficient to defease the loan and at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, we work to minimize the transactional fees associated with the defeasance and do so through pre-negotiated fees with our network of professional partners.
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